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Retina Times, Fall 2015 / Transitioning to ICD-10: Will the Disruption Be Worth It?

In 1997, Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christiansen coined the term disruptive technology in his best-selling book, The Innovator’s Dilemma. There is a period of chaos after an organization implements new technology—or a new coding system such as ICD-10.

Retina Times talked with 3 thought leaders about implementing ICD-10 in retina practice, the integration with electronic health records (EHR)—and whether the disruption of the change to ICD-10 will ultimately be worth it.

authors: Jonathan A. Feistmann, MD, PC (New York, Moderator), Reginald J. Sanders, MD (Section Editor)

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Bimanual intraocular lens rescue with transconjunctival scleral fixation

Scharioth and Pavlidis popularized a sutureless technique for intrascleral fixation of an intraocular lens (IOL) in 2007 by placing haptics in scleral suturing of haptics. […]

We describe a bimanual technique for IOL rescue using a modified transconjunctival scleral fixation approach using skill sets and technology available to most vitreoretinal surgeons. This technique requires familiarity with bimanual intraocular maneuvers, transconjunctival sutureless cannula systems, chandelier lighting, and wide-angle viewing systems.

authors: Feistmann Jonathan, Prasad S, Gentile RC, Kasuga DT, Bhullar SS, Joshi DD

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