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5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Joseph V

Source: Google - Manhattan | Jul 6, 2020

I had emergency possible retinal detachment . On Sunday morning July 5 .Dr Fiestman called me back within 20 minutes and meet me in his office. Did full examination , he was very pleasant and professional.
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Helen L

Source: Google - Manhattan | Jul 2, 2020

There's a reason why they are highly rated.
5.0 Google - Queens

Review from Julie C

Source: Google - Queens | Jul 1, 2020

NYC Retina has been beyond amazing in treating my mom. After having an in office treatment earlier today, my mom had some discomfort and concerns. I texted the offices to request an on -call provider to contact us. Within 30 minutes, 2 doctors reached out and assured us that all was ok! Thanks again Dr’s Feistmann, Schulman and Hu! You guys ROCK!
5.0 Google - Queens

Review from Nathen A

Source: Google - Queens | Jun 30, 2020

Amazing warm and friendly staff. Dr Feistmann made me feel very comfortable and is a great doctor. I reccomend this office 1000%.
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Ashwini P

Source: Google - Manhattan | Jun 30, 2020

I just read a bunch of these reviews and can’t agree more with all the praise for Dr. Feistmann. I’ve been a patient for years, but as I’m temporarily not in NYC, I saw a different ophthalmologist for a routine checkup, who noticed something odd and referred me to another specialist. I felt something was off and wanted Dr. Feistmann’s opinion. NYC Retina was able to set up a telemedicine appointment for me later that day. After explaining the situation to Dr. Feistmann, literally within *30 minutes* of our hanging up, he’d already called my new ophthalmologist, compared my previous scans & eye history, and called me back with answers (that luckily everything was fine, alleviating me of anxiety going into the weekend, and a whole chain of follow up appointments for a false alarm). I’m so grateful for such a thorough, efficient, and thoughtful doctor, who genuinely cares about his patients' wellbeing. He is never makes you feel rushed and truly takes the time to explain everything. Thank you Dr. Feistmann!!
5.0 Google - Queens

Review from Natasha K

Source: Google - Queens | Mar 2, 2020

I have been bringing my father who has diabetes for many years to see Dr. Julia Schulman at the Forest Hills Queens office location. She has a great understanding of the issues that patients with diabetes suffer from. Julia Schulman explains every single procedure and offers the best advice in the care of the patient. She goes out of her way to make patients comfortable when undergoing various eye treatments. Outgoing, friendly, and withe the utmost professional respect describes the doctor, and staff at this location. I have recommended many of my fathers friends to go see her as well because of the way Dr. Schulman cares and works personally with patients. Parking validation is also available.
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from DL

Source: Google - Manhattan | Feb 27, 2020

Recently, without warning, I developed a torn retina in my left eye. I was terrorfied. I said to myself "this is it, I'm going to loose one of my eyes". The loss of sight in even one of my eyes would have been devastating not only for me, but also my family. I visitited my optometrist who immediately refered me to Dr Jonathan A. Feistmann of NYC Retina. Dr Feistmann is an ophthalmologist and vitreoretinal surgeon. He truly is a godsend. He examined me and explained in detail what the problem was and how it manifested. I was very nervous, but he assured me that the problem could be fixed. He was able to perform a procedure at his office using a laser. It has been a week now and I have not experienced any further issues with my eye. Hats off to Dr Jonathan Feistmann and his very professional staff.
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Alejandra Y

Source: Google - Manhattan | Feb 26, 2020

Dr. Feistmann is so caring and thorough. Every time I’ve seen him he explains everything patiently and addresses all of my concerns. Doctors like him are one in a million!
5.0 Google - Queens

Review from Mary A

Source: Google - Queens | Feb 22, 2020

Dr. Feistmann is great! From my first visit with him, I knew I was in good hands. Being a great doctor is one thing but you must also have the ability to communicate with your patients. That is definitely something he’s done greatly. He was attentive with my concerns and explained in simple terms what was going on with my eyes. Staff in both offices are great and accommodating. My mind is now at ease. See you in a year Doc.
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Jules H

Source: Google - Manhattan | Feb 20, 2020

Everyday I thank God for Dr. Friestman. Years ago he fixed a very severe detached retina and recently he opened the office on a Sunday to examine me when I had minor symptoms of a new slight tear in the retina. I have near perfect vision again.
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Suni S

Source: Google - Manhattan | Feb 13, 2020

Dr. Feistmann was amazing with my husband's diagnosis and treatment. He had a detached retina and Dr. Feistmann was spot on all the way. He knew what had to be done, how long each step would take. He has restored my husband's eyesight. I highly recommend him for any retina issues or problems you may have.
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Caroll E

Source: Google - Manhattan | Feb 5, 2020

Dr. Feistman and his staff are true professionals who take great care of their patients. My mom has been under Dr. Feistman's care for almost 3 yrs and she fully trusts his judgment. He takes time to answer her questions and treats her with respect and kindness. Thank you for all you do for your patients!
5.0 HealthGrades

Review from Jose F

Source: HealthGrades | Feb 4, 2020

I was treated yesterday for macular degeneration with an intraocular injection that as a physician no way I will allow that but with a magic explanation by Dr. Shulman and a very professional touch, I got it. doing well and still asking how that happened it was magic. TK
5.0 Google - Queens

Review from Marianne T

Source: Google - Queens | Jan 28, 2020

I had a dramatic change in my vision and went to NYC Retina in Queens. There I was examined by Dr. Feistmann, who determined that I required emergency laser surgery. He finished working with other patients and treated me that same day, even though that meant staff members and he worked past office hours. Dr Feistmann was most patient in explaining why I was experiencing such issues in my vision, using models and pictures of the eye. Furthermore, he walked me through the necessary treatment, explaining each step and consequence. Dr. Feistmann made what would have been an intense and difficult surgery a manageable, more relaxing experience. This is because he constantly checked my comfort level and talked me through the procedure. I was able to communicate with him when I needed a break and he could not have been more gentle and responsive. I have the highest regard for his expertise and bedside manner. I continue to recover under his care. Dr Feistmann is a perfect example of someone who is exactly where he should be; he is a brilliant doctor and humanitarian who loves his field of expertise. I highly recommend him to my colleagues, family and friends if they ever need an ophthalmologist /retina specialist.
5.0 Google - Queens

Review from Shameya B

Source: Google - Queens | Jan 12, 2020

5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Levica N

Source: Google - Manhattan | Jan 11, 2020

I awoke one morning with a large floater that was painless and did not affect my vision. I am a physician and since we do make the worst patients, true to form, I ignored it. One week later when it was still there, I happened to be picking up new glasses and I mentioned it to my optometrist who had a new imaging instrument. Imaging was done and I was told I had to see an ophthalmologist ASAP. Dr. Feistmann was recommended. I wasn’t able to reach his office that evening but when I called early the next morning, he fit me in that morning. He diagnosed me with a vitreal/retinal tear that had a high likelihood of a complete retinal detachment. He calmly and patiently discussed my options and went through what he thought was best. I decided to have a surgical repair. Throughout the time of diagnosis and surgery, Dr. Feistmann kept a close eye on my progression and stayed in touch with me. He reassured me that he was readily available if any of my symptoms worsened. There was never any issue with scheduling and his staff is wonderful. The actual surgery was successful and went incredibly smoothly. I truly felt secure and safe and that I was in great hands. My preop nurse at NYU also commented on what a great doctor I have. I am truly grateful to Dr. Feistmann for his knowledge, kindness, speedy diagnosis and expert surgical care. I am now fully recovered, my eye looks and feels completely normal and I feel great! You will not find a better ophthalmologist than Dr. Feistmann!
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Constance K

Source: Google - Manhattan | Jan 4, 2020

Dr. Jonathan Feistmann is the best doctor I have ever been treated by. I suffered a detached retina, something I was freaking out about having suddenly lost my vision in one eye and he explained the process to restore my vision. He instilled a calmness in me that all would go well and it did.His expertise and immediate attention to my emergency has left an indelible impression upon me. I continue my routine visits with him for several years. How many people can say they look forward to seeing their doctors? Well I can say that I always look forward to seeing Dr. J. Feistman, pardon the pun. I highly recommend Dr. J. Feistmann for every eye consult. In addition, his staff is very professional and efficient.
5.0 Google - Queens

Review from Dave K

Source: Google - Queens | Dec 28, 2019

Great experience with team of doctors and staff at Forest Hills office. Had expedited surgery to fix detachment performed flawlessly by Dr. Shulman. All vital information was clearly and patiently communicated during office visits with Dr. Feistmann and Dr. Hu. I feel very fortunate to have been referred to NYC Retina and can't thank them enough for the exceptional care.
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Steve D

Source: Google - Manhattan | Dec 17, 2019

Dr. Feistmann saved my eyesight by performing retina surgery and I have been following up with him since 2010. I am so thankful for his excellent service. Also if I need to contact him by phone, text or email he is available. I highly recommend Dr Feistmann.
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Michael C

Source: Google - Manhattan | Dec 11, 2019

I cannot recommend Dr. Jonathan Feistmann and NYC Retina highly enough! He performed surgery to reattach the retina in my right eye and literally saved my vision. The problem occurred out of the blue one evening while I was walking home from work. I suddenly started seeing flashing lights in my right eye, followed by almost total loss of vision. I went to the ER and was diagnosed with a detached retina. The ER Ophthalmologist said, "I'm sending you to Dr. Jon Feistmann, who is the very best retinal specialist in New York." I was able to get an emergency appointment with Dr. Feistmann the very next morning and he performed the surgery the next day. He is an incredibly skilled physician and surgeon, but he is also one of the nicest and warmest human beings I have ever met. I see him regularly now once a year for my annual eye exam and never hesitate to recommend him to colleagues and friends!

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