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5.0 Google - Queens

Review from Sheikh S

Source: Google - Queens | Aug 23, 2020

Being here 30 years in the US from doctors to workers they are all very professional and polite. When you come in they are very time efficient. Highly recommend!!
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Linda C

Source: Google - Manhattan | Aug 20, 2020

I became a patient of Dr. Feistmann's after the macular degeneration I'd had for quite a long time worsened and I knew I needed to change to an experienced retinologist. Dr. Feistmann, from my first appointment, has always taken the time to explain everything he plans to do and answers any questions. From the beginning, he has has kept my condition under control with injections and treatments for which I am very grateful. He is always available to discuss any issues or take calls, and he listens carefully. Dr. Feistmann and his staff's response to the Coronavirus has been outstanding. The office and treatment rooms are immaculate and I have never had to wait to be taken for my appointment. His staff is kind, smart and efficient. I feel very lucky to be his patient.
5.0 Google - Queens

Review from Debora P

Source: Google - Queens | Aug 17, 2020

I am giving NYC Retina of Queens a 5 star rating. Dr.Feistmann performed retina surgery on my damaged left eye. Before surgery I was seeing crooked and missing half of everything that I viewed. I was afraid of losing my sight altogether. My ophthalmologist recommended Dr.Feistmann as being the best surgeon to correct the damaged Retina. The surgery was successful. The results are perfect as though there was never a problem. Dr.Feistmann is professional, courteous, and most of all very knowledgeable surgeon. I could not work or drive now everything is back to normal thanks to Dr.Feistmann and his staff. I am extremely grateful and thankful to Dr. Feistman I truly from my heart will recommend Dr.Feistmann of NYC Retina. Thanks for reading Ms. Debora P.
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Ron R

Source: Google - Manhattan | Aug 17, 2020

Dr. Hu is one of the best doctors I've ever dealt with. He was thorough, diligent and explained completely my course of retina treatment. He answered all my questions and provided my best options. I was at ease and confident that I would be receiving the best and most knowledgeable care, which I did! I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Hu and the great people of NYC Retina with no reservations!
5.0 Google - Queens

Review from Mohamed D

Source: Google - Queens | Aug 16, 2020

We are very pleased with Dr. Feistmann work as he has successfully done my wive's eye surgery. The whole process was well organized, and you could tell that he knew what he was doing. He was kind and charming the whole time and we have no complains! I would definitely recommend him to others.
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Mitch Y

Source: Google - Manhattan | Aug 12, 2020

Tremendous doctor with an exceptional staff.
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Leelee G

Source: Google - Manhattan | Aug 12, 2020

At 54 years old, I lost vision in my right eye due to something called CRVO - this was a game changer, to say the least. I feared driving again, playing all the sports that I loved and all things that relied on depth perception and 3-D sight. Dr. Feistmann saved my soul. 100%. He gave me hope and confidence that I can and will be able to do anything and everything that I used to. He listened intently to my fears, and alongside exceptional medical care, he provided me comfort, compassion and many reasons to believe that I was absolutely going to adjust and be better than ok. Dr. Feistmann is more than an exceptional and special doctor - he is an exceptional and special human. Additionally, the staff at NYC Retina are extremely kind, attentive and real. They are all incredibly helpful and have successfully created a feel good vibe in the office. I have never written a review before, but this one felt imperative as I think it would be tough to find a doctor and an office with as much heart and soul as NYC Retina. Mad respect all the way around!
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Jay Y

Source: Google - Manhattan | Aug 9, 2020

Dr. Feistmann is truly amazing. I saw him recently as a patient and he is thorough and his team are so kind, professional, and friendly. Their office is also very safe with PPE and there is almost no wait time. He is very competent and I cannot recommend him enough. He also did my mother’s retinal surgery and she has healed perfectly. Highly recommend!
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Barry H

Source: Google - Manhattan | Jul 24, 2020

Always friendly staff that take great care of me and my retinas!
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from JC F

Source: Google - Manhattan | Jul 19, 2020

Dr. Feistmann actually listens to me unlike some other Drs I have had who put me on a patient assembly line.
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Courtney H

Source: Google - Manhattan | Jul 13, 2020

I feel so fortunate to have Dr Feistmann as my doctor. He and the staff at NYC Retina have all given me excellent care.
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Cary B

Source: Google - Manhattan | Jul 10, 2020

Excellent Doctor , kind, polite, respectful and very knowledgeable.pleasure to talk with Dr. Feistmann answers all your questions In detail. Takes his time with his patients Highly recommended
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Tome H

Source: Google - Manhattan | Jul 8, 2020

Amazing staff! Dr. Feistmann is the best retina specialist I have ever had!
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Joseph V

Source: Google - Manhattan | Jul 6, 2020

I had emergency possible retinal detachment . On Sunday morning July 5 .Dr Fiestman called me back within 20 minutes and meet me in his office. Did full examination , he was very pleasant and professional.
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Helen L

Source: Google - Manhattan | Jul 2, 2020

There's a reason why they are highly rated.
5.0 Google - Queens

Review from Julie C

Source: Google - Queens | Jul 1, 2020

NYC Retina has been beyond amazing in treating my mom. After having an in office treatment earlier today, my mom had some discomfort and concerns. I texted the offices to request an on -call provider to contact us. Within 30 minutes, 2 doctors reached out and assured us that all was ok! Thanks again Dr’s Feistmann, Schulman and Hu! You guys ROCK!
5.0 Google - Queens

Review from Nathen A

Source: Google - Queens | Jun 30, 2020

Amazing warm and friendly staff. Dr Feistmann made me feel very comfortable and is a great doctor. I reccomend this office 1000%.
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Ashwini P

Source: Google - Manhattan | Jun 30, 2020

I just read a bunch of these reviews and can’t agree more with all the praise for Dr. Feistmann. I’ve been a patient for years, but as I’m temporarily not in NYC, I saw a different ophthalmologist for a routine checkup, who noticed something odd and referred me to another specialist. I felt something was off and wanted Dr. Feistmann’s opinion. NYC Retina was able to set up a telemedicine appointment for me later that day. After explaining the situation to Dr. Feistmann, literally within *30 minutes* of our hanging up, he’d already called my new ophthalmologist, compared my previous scans & eye history, and called me back with answers (that luckily everything was fine, alleviating me of anxiety going into the weekend, and a whole chain of follow up appointments for a false alarm). I’m so grateful for such a thorough, efficient, and thoughtful doctor, who genuinely cares about his patients' wellbeing. He is never makes you feel rushed and truly takes the time to explain everything. Thank you Dr. Feistmann!!
5.0 Google - Queens

Review from Natasha K

Source: Google - Queens | Mar 2, 2020

I have been bringing my father who has diabetes for many years to see Dr. Julia Schulman at the Forest Hills Queens office location. She has a great understanding of the issues that patients with diabetes suffer from. Julia Schulman explains every single procedure and offers the best advice in the care of the patient. She goes out of her way to make patients comfortable when undergoing various eye treatments. Outgoing, friendly, and withe the utmost professional respect describes the doctor, and staff at this location. I have recommended many of my fathers friends to go see her as well because of the way Dr. Schulman cares and works personally with patients. Parking validation is also available.
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from DL

Source: Google - Manhattan | Feb 27, 2020

Recently, without warning, I developed a torn retina in my left eye. I was terrorfied. I said to myself "this is it, I'm going to loose one of my eyes". The loss of sight in even one of my eyes would have been devastating not only for me, but also my family. I visitited my optometrist who immediately refered me to Dr Jonathan A. Feistmann of NYC Retina. Dr Feistmann is an ophthalmologist and vitreoretinal surgeon. He truly is a godsend. He examined me and explained in detail what the problem was and how it manifested. I was very nervous, but he assured me that the problem could be fixed. He was able to perform a procedure at his office using a laser. It has been a week now and I have not experienced any further issues with my eye. Hats off to Dr Jonathan Feistmann and his very professional staff.

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