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5.0 Google - Queens

Review from Layquanna S.

Source: Google - Queens | Nov 23, 2022

One of the best ophthalmologist ever due to them caring about my vision and health I can see again thank you so much for all you have done for me definitely here to stay
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Susan W.

Source: Google - Manhattan | Sep 22, 2022

Courteous staff from front door on to the Doctor. Very highly recommended
5.0 Google - Queens

Review from Simon T.

Source: Google - Queens | Aug 26, 2022

This facility and highly professional personnel has saved my sight! I never heard of them before, but due to emergency I was fortunate enough to end up here on a short notice. No word can describe my gratitude for their care, professionalism and dedication to saving people in the time of need.
5.0 Google - Queens

Review from Eric R.

Source: Google - Queens | Aug 24, 2022

The team at NYC Retina is amazing. A few weeks ago, while working from home, I noticed a black spot in the inner corner of my left eye. After contacting my regular eye doctor, I was told to get to his office ASAP, which I did. After a few scans, my eye doctor informed me that I had a detached retina and would need surgery ASAP and called NYC Retina, which was just a few short blocks away on Queens Blvd. I arrived at NYC Retina at about 4PM, when many similar medical offices are normally winding down for the day and the team was waiting for me. They comforted and reassured me that I was in good hands (thank you Joel). I met with Dr. Feistmann, who walked me through my situation and performed the reattachment surgery on the spot since the office has surgical capabilities and I did not need to go to the hospital, which is a big plus given the late time of day and my COVID safety concerns. Dr. Feistmann was also able to perform the surgery with local anesthesia, which meant that there was virtually no recovery time required. The surgical assistants were kind, comforting, caring and very professional. I believe that they all stayed late to care for me since I left the office at about 7PM that evening. I have also had several follow-up visits since the surgery, which were all very pleasant as well. In my opinion the entire NYC Retina team are the best and I therefore highly recommend NYC Retina.
5.0 Google - Queens

Review from Rand L.

Source: Google - Queens | Jul 21, 2022

If Jesus were to practice medicine it would be Dr. Feistmann - true legend
5.0 Google - Queens

Review from Yonary M.

Source: Google - Queens | Jul 15, 2022

Although I am not an expert in writing reviews, I have the need in me to say this. When I walked to Dr. Feistmann's office, without any previous appointment, I was really worried about the condition in my eye ( I was seeing floaters and needed a laser procedure to fix it). Everybody who took care of me before seeing the doctor (and then the doctor himself) were so kind and patient, explained everything to me, even told me a funny story or two, so I could relax before the laser. It was like a heaven sent blessing. To choose the perfect doctor for my personality type (anxious and scared). I felt that my vision got better the minute after the procedure. A week later, I had questions and doubts so I came back to the doctor (at the Manhattan location this time) and he treated me (no charge) with the same kindness and patience. The only way I can show my gratitude is by writing this heart felt review. Thank you doctor and staff. I wish you an abundant life so you keep helping others.
5.0 Google - Queens

Review from Lisa S.

Source: Google - Queens | Jul 14, 2022

My husband had debris in his eyes for 3 years. After a procedure with Dr Feistmann he sees better than ever. Dr Feistmann and his staff are fabulous. Would definitely recommend to anyone
5.0 HealthGrades

Review from Predrag P.

Source: HealthGrades | Jun 16, 2022

Dr. Feistmann is cordial, easy-going, straight-to-the-point, and very effective. Few years ago he pulled me back from a desperate situation and saved me from losing my right eye; quickly and skillfully. No "ifs" or "buts", he is just perfect. Always glad to visit him for the follow ups.
5.0 Google - Queens

Review from Muhammed A.

Source: Google - Queens | Jun 15, 2022

Overall great experience! Service: Dr, Feistmann explained all the available options with his expert recommendation and we created a plan to moved forward together. They have parking available close to the location, which is great. Staff is very organized and helpful. First they remind you a day before the appointment. For the appointment, they don’t overbook so We don’t have to wait for hours.
5.0 Google - Queens

Review from Fernanda C

Source: Google - Queens | May 26, 2022

All the staff are amazing I feel so blessing my Dad is in their hands. So grateful with all of them.
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Lisa H

Source: Google - Manhattan | May 17, 2022

Dr. Feistmann is an extraordinary medical professional. He is a skillful diagnostician and a confident and competent surgeon. While these qualities alone would make him a terrific choice to handle a significant retina problem, what sets Dr. Feistmann apart is his unparalleled and truly unbelievable responsiveness and availability. I had a retinal tear that turned into a detachment. This was an objectively terrifying experience, as I was in actual danger of losing my vision. But I wasn’t terrified because I trusted my doctor and could text him with questions, concerns, and worries, no matter the time or day of the week. Have you ever had a doctor you could text on a Sunday evening? Having this level of communication with your doctor completely transforms the experience of going through a scary medical situation. My surgery was easy and successful and I have had no complications since. I am supremely grateful to Dr. Feistmann.
5.0 HealthGrades

Review from Madeline D

Source: HealthGrades | May 12, 2022

I was recommend to Dr Shulman after a complicated cataract surgery. She is very knowledge, kind and explains everything. Her office staff is very professional. She has the latest equipment and does a thorough examination. I highly recommend her.
5.0 Google - Queens

Review from Lydia M

Source: Google - Queens | May 10, 2022

My visit with Dr. Feistmann was a very friendly, warm experience his staff was very caring and helpful with my questions everyone I talk to was very knowledgeable of my issues
5.0 Google - Queens

Review from Maria R.

Source: Google - Queens | Apr 28, 2022

I was very impressed with the whole operation. Very professional staff and the Doctor was excellent.
5.0 Google - Queens

Review from Carol P.

Source: Google - Queens | Apr 27, 2022

Recommend if having eye problems.
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Carol B.

Source: Google - Manhattan | Apr 22, 2022

Had complications following Cataract surgery. Dr. Feistmann was recommended to me but I first saw 2 other doctors but felt most confident with Dr. Feistmann. I made the right choice. Not only did he do an excellent repair but was very kind and available. Made me feel like I was not alone. He does not just come across as a doctor but also as a caring human.
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Nick P.

Source: Google - Manhattan | Apr 15, 2022

I cannot say enough positive things about NYC Retina. I have had a great experience every time I’ve visited their offices and the entire staff is very friendly. Recently, I needed emergent eye surgery and Dr. Feistmann and Dr. Hu worked hard to expedite my care and save the sight in my left eye. I am grateful for their care and compassion during a very difficult experience.
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Kimaura B.

Source: Google - Manhattan | Apr 8, 2022

Dr. Feistmann is amazing! His bedside manner is superb. Staff is very welcoming and caring. I felt like I was in good hands with Dr. Feistmann. He took the time to explain the condition of my eyes and my concerns. At a very vulnerable time concerning the future of my eyesight Dr. Feistmann helped calm my fears. My retina turned out to be fine and I was referred to other specialists. Thank you for being a shining moment on my eyesight journey.
5.0 Google - Queens

Review from Linda N.

Source: Google - Queens | Mar 11, 2022

Dr. Feistmann is great! I was so nervous to change docs after years with my original provider but he made the process seamless. I needed another laser retinal treatment and he took the time to explain it and put me at ease. Highly recommend!
5.0 Google - Queens

Review from Kathy F.

Source: Google - Queens | Feb 28, 2022

In 2017, my mom who was then a young 85, underwent 2 retina repairs by the fabulous Dr. Jonathan Feistmann. His talent, bedside manner, and caring personality made a terrifying experience so much more easy than it might have been in the hands of a lesser professional. Now, almost 90, my mom is still reading the NY TIMES everyday, sewing, cooking, baking, knitting, watching TV- in other words, has total visual quality of life. My independent mom, as well as her family, owe him a huge debt of thanks. Also as important, his office staff is professional, efficient, and respectful. His techs are skilled and pleasant. Mom now has to only come once a year for check up but would be happy to come more often to see this pleasant doctor!

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