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5.0 Google - Queens

Review from Tracy C

Source: Google - Queens | Nov 3, 2020

I’m just going to make sweet and Long 🤣 I had gave myself a facial and I had to leave it on All Night so Some how it felt as if the scrub got into my Left Eye So Painful . Went to Work The next morning 6:00am The Pain Seem to be Worst around 7/8I started looking for an EYE SPECIALIST SATURDAY MORNING EVERYONE ICALLED WAS CLOSED OR LEAVE ME MESSAGE I JUST STARTED SAYING GOD PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE. I don’t know if I can go another night . TRUST ME I SEARCHED NOT EVEN AN HOSPITAL EYE DOCTOR WAS AVAILABLE. I’m in great PAIN THEN I’M LOOKING FOR HELP THEN I SAW 24 hours ThankYou SPECIALIST 24hour I Called I Listen and Then I Heard A Sweet Voice I had No Coverage on me They Didn’t REFUSE ME She Said,”COME IN” We are Located In QUEENS LOOK I DONT CARE I STARTED TO CRY CAUSE FINALLY I CAN GET HELP IT WAS 8:30 I was Out -9:15am Yesssssssss LOOK THEY DId SOME TEST THEN I saw the Dr. I just wanted to SHARE THE LOVE FROM THE DESK TO THE DOCTORS THANKYOU ALL THANKYOU FOR 24 hour SERVICE 107-21 QUEENS BLVD
5.0 Google - Queens

Review from Mike W

Source: Google - Queens | Oct 26, 2020

First time seeing a retina specialist. Dr. Hu was great. Explained everything clearly and concisely. He listened carefully to my questions and concerns and I did not feel rushed at all. The staff were really good and made me feel very comfortable. I would not hesitate to recommend.
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Veronica M

Source: Google - Manhattan | Oct 24, 2020

Dr. Feistmann and his staff are absolutely wonderful! During my visits, he demonstrated himself to be extremely competent and caring, and he also answered all my questions patiently and comprehensively. In addition, each member of his very capable staff treated me with courtesy and kindness. I am very grateful to have found NYC Retina and Dr. Feistmann to treat my condition.
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Riva W

Source: Google - Manhattan | Oct 18, 2020

Dr. Feistmann and his staff are great. The in office procedure he did to address my floaters was super successful. Not a moment of discomfort, and my floaters are gone.
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Elizabeth W

Source: Google - Manhattan | Oct 12, 2020

I have been seeing Dr. Hu for just over a year now and have had such a professional, dedicated, and warm experience at NYC Retina. I came to Dr. Hu after displaying PVD symptoms, which ultimately resulted in two retinal detachments in my right eye. I still have great vision and owe much gratitude to Dr. Hu,Dr. Feistmann, and team. Office managers and techs remember you here, and I always felt like my eye care was in the best possible hands. I have grown fond of my semi-annual check-ups, and will be return to this practice for as long as I’m in the city!
5.0 Google - Queens

Review from Wilner M

Source: Google - Queens | Oct 9, 2020

I've received a good care at NYC Retina in Queens I want to thank Dr Feisman for the surgery on my left eye. Good job Dr
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Dominique W

Source: Google - Manhattan | Oct 6, 2020

I have been going to NYC Retina for 2 Years I see Dr. Feistmann and Dr Shulman I absolutely love them!!! The most caring doctors and they are always explaining procedures and medicines to make you comfortable with the procedures. I receive Laser and Injections. Always in and out the staff is Friendly. Hands down the best doctors in the NYC area
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Arianna P

Source: Google - Manhattan | Oct 1, 2020

Very trustworthy and professional staff. I wouldn’t trust my eyes with anyone else!! 10/10 highly recommend
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Dan J

Source: Google - Manhattan | Sep 29, 2020

As a 60-year-old graphic designer, who has never experienced eye problems, I was very concerned about seeing a web-like floater over my left eye. In a very thorough exam, Dr. Feistman and his team discovered a tiny tear in the retina that could have been very serious, very soon, had it not been picked up on. He also explained clearly what had recently developed and, with digital photos, showed me how he would repair the the tear in order to prevent a detached retina. With a daughter in Medical school, and especially during this phase of the Covid pandemic, my expectations are very high for a doctor's office being safely managed. NYC Retina exceeded all expectations for attentive care and a safe environment. Not only did Dr. Feistman repair the torn Retina with precision and ease, he was kind, focused and delivered excellent care quickly. This intervention very likely prevented a loss of vision in my left eye. As a professional visual artist who relies on clear vision, this superior treatment was a huge gift.
5.0 Google - Queens

Review from Lorian J

Source: Google - Queens | Sep 29, 2020

Dr. Feistman, From the moment we walked into the Dr’s office, we were impressed with the immediate warm and friendly greeting. After a wait, the medical staff courteously and efficiently examined my eyes. Dr. Fleishman came in to discuss my eye condition. After a brief examination he told us what was the problem and what he felt was the solution. Dr. Fleishman spent a long time with us to ensure that we understood the problem and went out of his way to perform the operation much closer to our home, to help us out. We were so taken by that. Dr. Feistman has an extremely pleasant demeanor, great sense of humor and is very helpful at accommodating individual patient’s needs. We highly recommend him.
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Neal G

Source: Google - Manhattan | Sep 20, 2020

Kind, prompt extremely professional and very, very good. I was and am very pleased
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Kendall J

Source: Google - Manhattan | Sep 12, 2020

Dr Feistman and his staff are excellent and I have been overwhelming grateful for the excellent care and attention they give each visit. Given bad experiences I have had during prior surgeries, Dr Feistman was able to help me feel confident and reassured I was in great care with his team. The surgical and anesthesia teams at NY Eye and Ear were the best. I highly recommend the care by the entire team.
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Joe D

Source: Google - Manhattan | Sep 9, 2020

By far the best service my wife and I ever received. Dr Feistmann and his staff are very professional and friendly. Makes us feel as if I new him for a long time. Overall immaculate service.
5.0 Google - Queens

Review from Suzanne Q

Source: Google - Queens | Sep 8, 2020

Awesome Doctor, extremely accommodating staff and all around pleasant experience! Due to an issue detected at a recent optometrist visit I was advised to find an ophthalmologist ASAP. After doing my due diligence researching drs along with Dr. Feistmann's name being suggested by so many people; I was able to get an appt within 3 days of calling. I live in PA and the 3 hour drive each way was well worth the time. Dr. Feistman took his time after additional testing was done at his office to thoroughly explain my condition, administer treatment on the same day of my visit so I wouldn't have to make another trip to the city and also make recommendations regarding health issues that may have contributed to my eye situation which I should make my family doctor aware of. In addition; NYC Retina will answer your telephone calls or concerns via text message after business hours. Based on my experience, I would definitely refer NYC Retina to anyone who is in need of an ophthalmologist and who maybe (like me) is fearful of what to expect and nervous that they might not pick someone with extensive experience to treat their specific eye problem. Thank you again Dr. FEISTMANN and please tell your staff in Queens that they were terrific as well.
5.0 Google - Queens

Review from Sheikh S

Source: Google - Queens | Aug 23, 2020

Being here 30 years in the US from doctors to workers they are all very professional and polite. When you come in they are very time efficient. Highly recommend!!
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Linda C

Source: Google - Manhattan | Aug 20, 2020

I became a patient of Dr. Feistmann's after the macular degeneration I'd had for quite a long time worsened and I knew I needed to change to an experienced retinologist. Dr. Feistmann, from my first appointment, has always taken the time to explain everything he plans to do and answers any questions. From the beginning, he has has kept my condition under control with injections and treatments for which I am very grateful. He is always available to discuss any issues or take calls, and he listens carefully. Dr. Feistmann and his staff's response to the Coronavirus has been outstanding. The office and treatment rooms are immaculate and I have never had to wait to be taken for my appointment. His staff is kind, smart and efficient. I feel very lucky to be his patient.
5.0 Google - Queens

Review from Debora P

Source: Google - Queens | Aug 17, 2020

I am giving NYC Retina of Queens a 5 star rating. Dr.Feistmann performed retina surgery on my damaged left eye. Before surgery I was seeing crooked and missing half of everything that I viewed. I was afraid of losing my sight altogether. My ophthalmologist recommended Dr.Feistmann as being the best surgeon to correct the damaged Retina. The surgery was successful. The results are perfect as though there was never a problem. Dr.Feistmann is professional, courteous, and most of all very knowledgeable surgeon. I could not work or drive now everything is back to normal thanks to Dr.Feistmann and his staff. I am extremely grateful and thankful to Dr. Feistman I truly from my heart will recommend Dr.Feistmann of NYC Retina. Thanks for reading Ms. Debora P.
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Ron R

Source: Google - Manhattan | Aug 17, 2020

Dr. Hu is one of the best doctors I've ever dealt with. He was thorough, diligent and explained completely my course of retina treatment. He answered all my questions and provided my best options. I was at ease and confident that I would be receiving the best and most knowledgeable care, which I did! I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Hu and the great people of NYC Retina with no reservations!
5.0 Google - Queens

Review from Mohamed D

Source: Google - Queens | Aug 16, 2020

We are very pleased with Dr. Feistmann work as he has successfully done my wive's eye surgery. The whole process was well organized, and you could tell that he knew what he was doing. He was kind and charming the whole time and we have no complains! I would definitely recommend him to others.
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Mitch Y

Source: Google - Manhattan | Aug 12, 2020

Tremendous doctor with an exceptional staff.

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