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      5.0 Google - Queens

      Review from Micky F

      Source: Google - Queens | Aug 18, 2021

      Dr Feistmann is excellent. Never a long wait and the staff was always nice n professional
      5.0 Google - Manhattan

      Review from Joe T

      Source: Google - Manhattan | Aug 4, 2021

      I was diagnosed with a hole in my macular that required surgery to close. Dr Feistmann and all the staff at NYC Retina were superb. Dr Feistmann has a calm and reassuring demeanor as he explains the diagnosis, the required surgery and guides you through post-op. Everyone at NYC Retina is polite, professional and efficient. I was always seen promptly and never experienced the all too common waiting in the doctor’s office. And the results of my recent surgery have been excellent. I have zero complaints and no heisting recommending Dr Feistmann and NYC Retina.
      5.0 Google - Manhattan

      Review from Eddie R

      Source: Google - Manhattan | Jul 28, 2021

      Dr. Feistmann is amazing. I had a complicated problem (following a botched surgery by another doctor) which had me heading for permanent disability. I saw 8 other doctors before I found Dr. Feistmann, who was the first retina/vitreous/macula specialist who knew exactly what to do. Having been to many Doctors’s offices, I’ve noticed that you can tell a lot by the staff. The folks in this office (Joel, Daniel, Jose, etc) are all incredibly well trained and kind. The most pleasant and compassionate crew working with any eye doctor I’ve been to. It’s clear that they like what they do and where they work. That also gave me the confidence to undergo this surgery It’s been a week and a half now since my operation and my problem is finally resolved. I’m so pleased and grateful.
      5.0 Google - Manhattan

      Review from D Deeva

      Source: Google - Manhattan | Jul 21, 2021

      I'm so happy that I chose NYCRetina for my opthamalogical needs. A top notch practice that is compassionate and professional in the care of patients. I've had an A++ experience and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone.
      5.0 Google - Manhattan

      Review from Mehmet A

      Source: Google - Manhattan | Jun 24, 2021

      I’ve been visiting Dr Feistmann for regular checkups for years. The staff are always wonderful, warm, and knowledgeable—it’s great to be cared for by experts, particularly when it comes to something as delicate as one’s eyes. Would thoroughly recommend!
      5.0 Google - Manhattan

      Review from Pawel N

      Source: Google - Manhattan | Jun 14, 2021

      When you think that your world is falling apart, the doctors at NYC Retina give you hope and show you that there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Sounds rather dramatic, but that's how I felt before being referred to their practice. All the staff were very professional and efficient. Almost as soon as I walked through the door I was taken care of. My initial consultation was with dr Jonathan Feistmann. Calm, collected and reassuring, trying to allay my fears. His demeanour immediately put me at ease. After a very thorough examination, the doctor explained my condition in detail and went over the necessary operation step by step, even telling me how to navigate the hospital system. He squeezed me in for surgery as an 'add-on' on the very next day. To my astonishment, dr Jonathan Hu, the surgeon, had telephoned me before the operation. He introduced himself, explained everything and very patiently answered all my questions. On the day of the surgery dr Hu kept in touch, phoning me twice, ensuring that everything was in order. After a long wait I was taken downstairs. Dr Hu came over and stood by my side. He again explained the procedure step by step, making sure that I had understood it correctly. I was extremely stressed out, but his presence had instantly calmed me down. Before entering the operating theatre I felt that I was in a safe pair of hands. After recovery, the doctor went above and beyond to arrange my transportation so that I could get home safely. Dr Hu is fantastic. Very professional, kind and friendly at the same time. He has surpassed all my expectations. A huge, heart-felt thank you! Job very well done, Sir!
      5.0 Google - Manhattan

      Review from Grace M

      Source: Google - Manhattan | Jun 11, 2021

      All the stuff and Doctor Julia, Doctor Hu and Doctor Jonathan were really professional and friendly! Doctor Julia helped to cure my mom and I thank God we can found them! Absolutely recommended.
      5.0 Google - Manhattan

      Review from Kenneth B

      Source: Google - Manhattan | Jun 10, 2021

      Dr Feistmann and his staff are amazing! Working with me on improving my eye site with so much patience and giving me all the options, helping me make the right choices to improve my site back to %100. His professionalism and experience is top in a city full of the best Doctors in the world. Thank you Dr Feistmann for restoring my eye sight 🙏
      5.0 Google - Queens

      Review from Joanne L

      Source: Google - Queens | May 10, 2021

      Everyone at NYC Retina have been wonderful. Dr. Jonathan Feistmann is patient and caring, explaining treatment and options every step of the way.
      5.0 Google - Queens

      Review from Jennie L

      Source: Google - Queens | May 10, 2021

      What a great experience here! Dr. Feistmann himself had great bedside manners. His office staff were all so patient and helpful. Wait time was also minimal which is definitely a plus. Glad to have been introduced to him and his practice!
      5.0 Google - Queens

      Review from Jackie C

      Source: Google - Queens | May 10, 2021

      Dr. Feistmann has been treating me for AMD for past two years. He takes the time to listen to my concerns, discusses any new treatment in the future and explain all details. It is also a pleasure dealing with the office staff they are friendly and very accommodating.
      5.0 Google - Queens

      Review from Latanya L

      Source: Google - Queens | May 4, 2021

      Dr. Hu is amazing he has the best bedside manners ever! I know it’s an outpatient facility but he’s very kind and welcoming and knows his stuff. Had to see him because I had to get a second opinion and I’m so grateful that I made the right decision with this doctor for the second opinion. He made my procedure so much more less painful and more comfortable than the previous doctor and I’m glad with the results I’ve seen so far.
      5.0 Google - Manhattan

      Review from Elias A

      Source: Google - Manhattan | May 3, 2021

      Dr. Feistmann provides consistent excellent personalized care to his patients. Couldn't have asked for a better doctor.
      5.0 Google - Manhattan

      Review from Heidi C

      Source: Google - Manhattan | May 3, 2021

      Dr. Shulman is both a very personable and great doctor. How can you go wrong here? Her approach is quite empathetic and knowledgeable. You immediately trust her. She is definitely one of best doctors I have ever seen. Thank you, Dr. Shulman!
      5.0 Google - Queens

      Review from Beata Z

      Source: Google - Queens | Apr 16, 2021

      Simply EXCELLENT!!! I highly recommend this wonderful office and BEST Dr. Feistmann!
      5.0 Google - Manhattan

      Review from David G

      Source: Google - Manhattan | Apr 15, 2021

      Awesome!! I was so nervous about eye surgery as most people would be. The staff at NYC Retina was really professional and on point. They all treated me kindly and were very caring. Dr. Feistmann did an amazing job at correcting a detached retina. From the beginning I knew I was in good hands. I can’t say enough about him. He rocks!!! Thank you all!! David.
      5.0 Google - Manhattan

      Review from Arthur S

      Source: Google - Manhattan | Apr 15, 2021

      I recently had an appointment to have my eyes tested by the team at NYC Retina and Dr. Feistmann. I was extremely impressed at how the whole office ran like a well oiled machine. Everyone on the staff was great, including Daniel, PJ and Decca. They all were highly professional, courteous, patient and thorough. Dr. Feistmann was very nice and took the time to talk with me and explain the results of all of the tests and what I need to do moving forward. I could not have been happier with my experience there.
      4.0 Google - Manhattan

      Review from Monica

      Source: Google - Manhattan | Apr 1, 2021

      I gave a 4 stars because I have never seen the Dr. However, he helped me when I needed the most,without hesitation at no cost. He did not have more appointments on a Saturday. He asked me to send pics of what I had on my eye. He recommended someone who would be able to help me, and helped me. I am grateful for his generosity
      5.0 Google - Manhattan

      Review from James M

      Source: Google - Manhattan | Mar 16, 2021

      Dr. Hu is a true professional. He goes out of his way to help as much as possible. He restored my eye sight during a snow storm. And I will always be grateful.
      5.0 Google - Manhattan

      Review from Koryn H

      Source: Google - Manhattan | Mar 11, 2021

      Office staff is amazing. They’re so friendly, always remember your name, and feel like family.

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