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5.0 Google - Queens

Review from Maria R.

Source: Google - Queens | Apr 28, 2022

I was very impressed with the whole operation. Very professional staff and the Doctor was excellent.
5.0 Google - Queens

Review from Carol P.

Source: Google - Queens | Apr 27, 2022

Recommend if having eye problems.
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Carol B.

Source: Google - Manhattan | Apr 22, 2022

Had complications following Cataract surgery. Dr. Feistmann was recommended to me but I first saw 2 other doctors but felt most confident with Dr. Feistmann. I made the right choice. Not only did he do an excellent repair but was very kind and available. Made me feel like I was not alone. He does not just come across as a doctor but also as a caring human.
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Nick P.

Source: Google - Manhattan | Apr 15, 2022

I cannot say enough positive things about NYC Retina. I have had a great experience every time I’ve visited their offices and the entire staff is very friendly. Recently, I needed emergent eye surgery and Dr. Feistmann and Dr. Hu worked hard to expedite my care and save the sight in my left eye. I am grateful for their care and compassion during a very difficult experience.
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Kimaura B.

Source: Google - Manhattan | Apr 8, 2022

Dr. Feistmann is amazing! His bedside manner is superb. Staff is very welcoming and caring. I felt like I was in good hands with Dr. Feistmann. He took the time to explain the condition of my eyes and my concerns. At a very vulnerable time concerning the future of my eyesight Dr. Feistmann helped calm my fears. My retina turned out to be fine and I was referred to other specialists. Thank you for being a shining moment on my eyesight journey.
5.0 Google - Queens

Review from Linda N.

Source: Google - Queens | Mar 11, 2022

Dr. Feistmann is great! I was so nervous to change docs after years with my original provider but he made the process seamless. I needed another laser retinal treatment and he took the time to explain it and put me at ease. Highly recommend!
5.0 Google - Queens

Review from Kathy F.

Source: Google - Queens | Feb 28, 2022

In 2017, my mom who was then a young 85, underwent 2 retina repairs by the fabulous Dr. Jonathan Feistmann. His talent, bedside manner, and caring personality made a terrifying experience so much more easy than it might have been in the hands of a lesser professional. Now, almost 90, my mom is still reading the NY TIMES everyday, sewing, cooking, baking, knitting, watching TV- in other words, has total visual quality of life. My independent mom, as well as her family, owe him a huge debt of thanks. Also as important, his office staff is professional, efficient, and respectful. His techs are skilled and pleasant. Mom now has to only come once a year for check up but would be happy to come more often to see this pleasant doctor!
4.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Trini E.

Source: Google - Manhattan | Feb 28, 2022

Dr Hu is very personable and knowledgeable in his diagnosis and treatment. After three visits and treatment, l was able to see distinctive progress in my vision. Before treatment, l could not see words or letters in my cloudy left eye. After l began treatment, l was extremely pleased with how quickly l was able to regain my reading abilities in my left eye. I'm truly impressed, grateful and happy to recommend t Dr. Hu to other patients who may be experiencing decorating vision in their eyes. Dr. Hu definitely knows his craft. 👍

Review from So H.

Source: | Feb 23, 2022

Highly recommend Dr. Feistmann. He is a knowledgeable and caring physician. You never feel rushed and all questions are answered. The staff is polite and helpful. Covid precautions are followed.
5.0 Google - Queens

Review from Richard H

Source: Google - Queens | Feb 8, 2022

Dr. Feistmann and his team are amazing. They've gone over and above while treating me. Excellent communication with their patients. The office staff are courteous and professional.
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Salvatore T.

Source: Google - Manhattan | Feb 8, 2022

I can’t thank Dr. Feistmann enough for the incredible surgery and care he performed on my eye! I had a retina detachment and he performed emergency surgery on the same day I saw him. He is , not only a great surgeon, but also a really straightforward caring person. He and his team have been wonderful trying to make me feel comfortable and trying to accommodate me every time … He saved my eye and I will be always grateful for what he has done! I was extremely lucky to have found him during this unlucky situation…
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Lori H

Source: Google - Manhattan | Jan 15, 2022

If you're looking at reviews to decide on whether to go to this practice, don't even hesitate for one second to go here! Dr. Feistmann and really every single person in that office are simply the best and the nicest. I had a scary emergency retinal tear and this office fit me in last minute. Dr. Feistmann explained everything in a calm, direct manner keeping expectations realistic. I wish every doctor had this manner. The Dr. also called me back on a Sunday within 5 minutes of leaving a message with the service at the office when I was nervous about something after the laser surgery. I mean who does that?? Everyone in the office is just lovely and professional. I feel really lucky to have found NYC Retina to take care of my eyes for life.
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Guy B

Source: Google - Manhattan | Jan 14, 2022

This clinic provided me with outstanding service. The staff are super courteous and professional. I cant say enough amazing things about Dr. Feistmann. He quickly diagnosed a serious problem in my eye, scheduled and did surgery and took personal great care of me throughout the process for a 100% great outcome. Just a diamond in the NYC healthcare industry.
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Jared Z

Source: Google - Manhattan | Jan 7, 2022

I only go once a year but I always look forward to it. Dr. Feistmann is professional and friendly.
5.0 Google - Queens

Review from Svetlana Y

Source: Google - Queens | Dec 31, 2021

Came to Dr. Hu's office as a medical emergency with retna detachment. Let me tell you, this man has the hands of gold!!! Performed a miracle surgery. He is so knowledgeable, patient, optimistic, and just amazing! His staff is fantastic.
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Ana B

Source: Google - Manhattan | Dec 3, 2021

Dr Jonathan Feistmann is a great specialist with a lot of experience, wisdom and a lot of honesty, and all the people who work there are a great team, both in Queens and in Manhattan they do an excellent job. God bless you all.
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Brad L

Source: Google - Manhattan | Dec 2, 2021

I cannot speak more highly of a medical practice and the doctors and staff that I have had the privilege of receiving care, support and them putting up with a very neurotic and worried patient - like me. After experiencing several retinal tears in a short span of time, Dr. Hu performed surgery to address the tears and provide me with FULL sight again in my left eye. Having the retinal tears and the ability to only see color and light with absolutely no definition was the scariest experience and created a level of anxiety that was difficult to manage. Dr. Hu was ALWAYS available throughout the entire experience; as were many of the staff in their assistance. I could not believe that a specialist doctor like Dr. Hu was responding to my text messages in the most incredibly timely manner and often early morning or early evening AND ON WEEKENDS!! I have never felt so much support and care from a doctor and support staff. Not only everyone at NYC Retina - but all the staff that assisted when I had the surgery at NYU Langone Hospital. BIG shout out to Dr. Feistmann as well - who saw me on a number of visits too. Just an AMAZING and empathetic team from the front desk, to the initial examining specialists before the Dr. sees you to Dr. Hu - who performed the surgery and "walked me off the ledge" a number of times - always with details, clear explanations, confidence and care - when I know that he has/they have hundreds of patients - I always felt that I was their number one concern and focus - and all of my questions and concerns answered (multiple times). I cannot thank Dr. Hu and the entire NYC Retina medical practice enough - or recommend them more highly!! This is QUALITY and A+++ PEOPLE and SERVICE/CARE!
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Jason K

Source: Google - Manhattan | Dec 1, 2021

Great in every way. My primary eye dr. referred me to them due to a retinal tear on a Monday, and I was able to get it repaired before end of the week
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from John P

Source: Google - Manhattan | Dec 1, 2021

I am male, 77 years old, wear contacts, play tennis, and go to the gym. I saw Dr. Feistmann for what he diagnosed as a macular pucker and torn retina in my left eye. It's been two weeks from the eye surgery and I still have two weeks remaining before I can resume all my prior activities. I am currently wearing prescription glasses that I got about 20 years ago. The most amazing result so far: driving at night, my vision has improved tremendously. Also, the wrinkles in the vision in my left eye are disappearing as I heal. The most difficult aspect of this all has been getting use to my 20 year old prescription glasses.
5.0 Google - Manhattan

Review from Anasa B

Source: Google - Manhattan | Nov 16, 2021

I needed to get the holes on my eyes sealed before getting PRK surgery which is what led me to Dr. Feistmann. He was super professional, walked me through everything and made me feel very comfortable. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone seeking a Retina Specialist. Also, the staff is very efficient. No long wait times, always in and out.

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