Retina Specialists

I just read a bunch of these reviews and can’t agree more with all the praise for Dr. Feistmann. I’ve been a patient for years, but as I’m temporarily not in NYC, I saw a different ophthalmologist for a routine checkup, who noticed something odd and referred me to another specialist. I felt something was off and wanted Dr. Feistmann’s opinion. NYC Retina was able to set up a telemedicine appointment for me later that day. After explaining the situation to Dr. Feistmann, literally within *30 minutes* of our hanging up, he’d already called my new ophthalmologist, compared my previous scans & eye history, and called me back with answers (that luckily everything was fine, alleviating me of anxiety going into the weekend, and a whole chain of follow up appointments for a false alarm). I’m so grateful for such a thorough, efficient, and thoughtful doctor, who genuinely cares about his patients’ wellbeing. He is never makes you feel rushed and truly takes the time to explain everything. Thank you Dr. Feistmann!!