Retina Specialists

I cannot speak more highly of a medical practice and the doctors and staff that I have had the privilege of receiving care, support and them putting up with a very neurotic and worried patient – like me. After experiencing several retinal tears in a short span of time, Dr. Hu performed surgery to address the tears and provide me with FULL sight again in my left eye. Having the retinal tears and the ability to only see color and light with absolutely no definition was the scariest experience and created a level of anxiety that was difficult to manage. Dr. Hu was ALWAYS available throughout the entire experience; as were many of the staff in their assistance. I could not believe that a specialist doctor like Dr. Hu was responding to my text messages in the most incredibly timely manner and often early morning or early evening AND ON WEEKENDS!! I have never felt so much support and care from a doctor and support staff. Not only everyone at NYC Retina – but all the staff that assisted when I had the surgery at NYU Langone Hospital. BIG shout out to Dr. Feistmann as well – who saw me on a number of visits too. Just an AMAZING and empathetic team from the front desk, to the initial examining specialists before the Dr. sees you to Dr. Hu – who performed the surgery and “walked me off the ledge” a number of times – always with details, clear explanations, confidence and care – when I know that he has/they have hundreds of patients – I always felt that I was their number one concern and focus – and all of my questions and concerns answered (multiple times). I cannot thank Dr. Hu and the entire NYC Retina medical practice enough – or recommend them more highly!! This is QUALITY and A+++ PEOPLE and SERVICE/CARE!