Retina Specialists

If you’re waiting to see a retina specialist, you’re worried. You don’t go here for eyeglasses, you go for a problem that could threaten your sight. So you want, first of all, a doctor who is skilled, perceptive, kind, efficient. Dr. Jonathan Feistmann is all that. I had a detached retina last month and I feel lucky that he performed the emergency surgery to restore it. NYC Retina is also great for the way everyone on the staff treats patients — like the doctors everyone else here is upbeat, polite, eager to help and willing to explain what’s going on. With eye surgery there are follow-up appointments, dealing with insurance bureaucracy, things you shouldn’t worry about but do and things you don’t worry about but should. It really matters that the staff are there for you, as they are here. (Shout out to Ms. Manipon who, if you mention a problem, will solve it in about 45 seconds.) I’ve been through 2 surgeries with NYC Retina and I find them to be, top to bottom, the best doctors and medical staff I’ve ever dealt with.