Retina Specialists

NYCRetina!!! A very good practice indeed !!! A talented bunch of doctors and others who worked tirelessly to help patients with eye problems! They are angels in disguise and need to be seen and heard around the world!!! I am so lucky and blessed to have Dr. Jonathan Feistmann M.D. and Ms. Michelle Fernandez to be there to detect and perform the necessary eye surgery (plus support) to save my eyes when screening regarding retinal detachment. I do love Superman and Wonder Woman, but I think Dr. Feistmann and Ms. Fernandez are the real heroes in their own right!!! I am truly blessed, happy, and forever grateful. I am a very, very lucky lady! If you ever feel that your vision is giving you problems, please please contact NYC Retina and asked to be seen immediately! They treat you well with respect while saving your life! Yes We Can!!!!