Retina Specialists

If you become a patient here, ask to be seen by Dr. Feistmann!

I wanted to take a moment out and give a special thanks to Dr. Jonathan Feistmann for being an amazing doctor and taking good care of my mother. My mother has always had vision problems since childhood and over the years she developed a mistrust for eye doctors. So when she became stubborn and unwilling to correct the issues she was having, Dr. Feistmann personally called me and explained to me the gravity of her situation and he walked me through what her medical issue was, what the correct treatment would be and the results we should expect as a result. He took his time over the phone and explained things in a way that made sense to someone who isn’t in the medical field. He performed surgery on her left eye and it was a success. My mother never again complained about being unable to see from that eye. Unfortunately, her right eye would eventually need a procedure as well. After her second surgery, she caught a stomach virus and was unable to make it to the office to get her eye checked. Dr. Feistmann offered to make a house call and traveled to a different borough just to ensure that my mother’s eye was taken care of post-surgery. If that is not the epitome of professionalism and personal care, I don’t know what is. In all my years going to doctor’s, I have never come across one who truly made an effort to show their patient undivided attention and genuine care the way Dr. Feistmann has shown my mother. Thank you Dr. Feistmann for being exactly the professional that you are. The medical field needs more doctors like you!