Retina Specialists

Dr. Feistmann and his staff provided an exceptional care for me. Like most of us, I was terrified of going in for an eyecare. However, staff here was very understanding of my anxiety and did their best to make me feel at ease. Dr. Feistmann has excellent interpersonal skills and bedside manner. He was great at explaining my eye conditions and walked me through the options at hand. I really liked how he used visual cues to communicate with his patients (e.g. use of eye model and drawing on iPad) . While sitting in the waiting room, I was able to talk with other patients who only had positive things to say about this clinic and its specialists. I’m glad my eye doctor made a referral to this clinic, and I’m glad that I was treated by Dr. Feistmann. My procedure was very quick with zero complications. I’m excited to go back in for post-op visits next month to see how my recovery is coming along.