Retina Specialists

I have seen Dr Feistmann at NYC Retina four times and I have been thrilled with the whole experience. The treatment that I’ve received has improved the problems with my vision, that’s fantastic.

But more importantly, the whole experience at the office has been amazing. Everyone who works there has been professional, pleasant, helpful, and informative. The receptionists, the technicians, the assistants, the doctor – all fantastic. I ask A LOT of questions because eye health has only recently been a concern for me. They listen and answer so clearly and patiently. I don’t feel nervous at all when I’m there, which is a big deal.

Dr. Feistmann is just fantastic. His bedside manner chills me out, he is honest about what’s going on, explains what he’s doing, and talks about what to expect with calm directness. (He can also be funny, which I appreciate.) And of course, the treatments have been effective – my vision is improving.

I told my husband, I feel like I’m receiving rich people medical care. I’m so happy I was referred to NYC Retina and I would definitely recommend them to anyone.