Retina Specialists

I developed a detached retina and had been advised by my ophlalmologist to go to NYE&E since it was a Friday night and all offices other than hospital emergency services were closed. I signed my name at the NYE&E front desk at 6pm and the beleagured receptionist said to settle in because I’d be lucky if an *intern* might get to me by midnight, possibly hours later. I sat down amongst the pained hoards in the waiting room, and was texting my situation amongst my friends, and one of them texted back that her sister had just recently had a detached retina and highly recommended NYC Retina. So I called, got a recording that they were closed, but if it was an emergency to press a number and leave a message. I left a message with a description of what I was experiencing, and literally 45 seconds later I had two calls at once from two of their surgeons. Dr. Feistman was the one I spoke to and he was as concerned and compassionate about my plight as if I’d been his own child or parent or wife. In stark contrast to my situation in the NYE&E waiting room, I felt like I was the one and ONLY most important patient in the whole world, and he arranged for us to meet ASAP later that evening. He was already home way out somewhere on Long Island and dropped everything to meet me, even bringing his young son. From the moment of diagnosis to the surgery, he was as solicitous, accessible, compassionate, selfless, diligent, informative and generous as a human being can possibly be. He is like Ghandi, Mother Theresa, and a guardian angel rolled into one. The morning that he gave me the time and location of the surgery which was going to be at a surgicenter way out on Long Island, of course I had to find a companion to escort me back, as is the case after any anesthesia / sedation procedure, and being such short notice I mentioned something about finding a friend at this last minute, and he actually said if I couldn’t find anyone he’d drive me back into Manhattan after the surgery himself (!!!). Needless to say I did not abuse that unbelievably kind offer, I found a friend. I felt 100% taken care of and truly blessed to have this miracle worker ministering to the health of my eye and saving the future of my vision. I am really mystified how it was even possible he has time in his schedule to add a new patient, he is the kind of skilled surgeon and model of human goodness that I’d expect would have a year long waiting list. If you have need of retinal treatment or surgery and can manage to become a patient of Dr. Feistmann’s, you should count it as one of the most fortunate godsends of your life. How are there only 25 reviews? Where did this saint come from?