Retina Specialists

This review is long overdue! Around early December 2018 my right eye was so blurry all of a sudden, like some dark round covering my eye. I went to 2 different optometrists, and they could not find anything wrong with my eye. I got panic attack because it was getting worse. So I googled “Best Retina Specialist in the city” and I found NYC Retina. It was around 7:30 PM and of course it was closed, but I tried to call anyway just in case. Nobody answered the phone, but within 2 minutes I received a text asking if I called the office and is there anything they can help. Long story short, I replied I said I need to see Dr Feistmann ASAP because of my eye. They scheduled me the next day to see him! I am so grateful that I have met Dr Feistmann. He is the most genuine and very caring doctor. He’s always positive and makes me feel better every visit. Thank you Dr Feistmann! Also, all the staff in the office are very friendly and helpful too.