Retina Specialists

Dr. Feistmann and his staff at NYC Retina are simply the BEST!! I was referred to his office back in Sept 2018 when my retina detached suddenly; Dr. Feistmann was very thorough in explaining what was going on and clear on what my next steps were to restore my vision. He asked me to come in early in the morning for surgery and offered to arrange transportation if I didn’t have anyone to take me (which wasn’t necessary) but the mere fact that he offered that was incredible. The following day he opened the office, which was closed, just to meet with me to monitor my progress. Dr. Feistmann was available on text to answer any questions or concerns. Fast forward 2 years after my surgery, I do not have any floaters in that eye and no issues – treatment was a success!

I returned to Dr. Feistmann for vision changes on my other eye and he quickly performed an in-house procedure to prevent that retina from detaching. Dr. Feistmann is the best of the best; he is extremely professional, knowledgeable, compassionate, patient, thorough, funny, relatable, empathic, charismatic and down to earth. I’m so happy that my optometrist (Dr. Galinsky) made the call for me to consult with him – love them both!

Simply put, the NYC Retina team are amazing, highly recommended!