Retina Specialists

I had a dramatic change in my vision and went to NYC Retina in Queens. There I was examined by Dr. Feistmann, who determined that I required emergency laser surgery. He finished working with other patients and treated me that same day, even though that meant staff members and he worked past office hours.

Dr Feistmann was most patient in explaining why I was experiencing such issues in my vision, using models and pictures of the eye. Furthermore, he walked me through the necessary treatment, explaining each step and consequence. Dr. Feistmann made what would have been an intense and difficult surgery a manageable, more relaxing experience. This is because he constantly checked my comfort level and talked me through the procedure. I was able to communicate with him when I needed a break and he could not have been more gentle and responsive. I have the highest regard for his expertise and bedside manner. I continue to recover under his care.

Dr Feistmann is a perfect example of someone who is exactly where he should be; he is a brilliant doctor and humanitarian who loves his field of expertise. I highly recommend him to my colleagues, family and friends if they ever need an ophthalmologist /retina specialist.