Retina Specialists

I cannot recommend Dr. Jonathan Feistmann and NYC Retina highly enough! He performed surgery to reattach the retina in my right eye and literally saved my vision. The problem occurred out of the blue one evening while I was walking home from work. I suddenly started seeing flashing lights in my right eye, followed by almost total loss of vision. I went to the ER and was diagnosed with a detached retina. The ER Ophthalmologist said, “I’m sending you to Dr. Jon Feistmann, who is the very best retinal specialist in New York.” I was able to get an emergency appointment with Dr. Feistmann the very next morning and he performed the surgery the next day. He is an incredibly skilled physician and surgeon, but he is also one of the nicest and warmest human beings I have ever met. I see him regularly now once a year for my annual eye exam and never hesitate to recommend him to colleagues and friends!