Retina Specialists

I was in a tough spot during the start of my last semester in college when I was told by a specialist that I had retinal detachment. I originally saw two doctors at another hospital who told me that intensive surgery was absolutely needed but something told me to visit NYC Retina for a final, third opinion. Dr. Feistmann and his staff were welcoming; the engineers and even the front desk made me and family (who were already stressed out) feel welcome for our first visit, unlike other places where doctors would just ignore my family. Feistmann did a simple non-invasive 5-minute laser operation on the SAME day and I was very grateful for that. He’s a good doctor and he thoroughly explained my condition to me, he put me at ease and he was very accommodating to my parents. No scare tactics like other places, but rather just the truth and the best possible solution. I just had my two-week checkup and so far so good!