Retina Specialists

Last month, I suddenly and almost completely lost vision in one eye. My own renowned opthalmologist was unavailable and he recommended Dr. Jonathan Feistmann of NYC Retina, a recommendation that itself spoke highly of Dr. Feistmann. Dr. Feistmann proved his excellence many times over — he saw me on an emergency basis and correctly diagnosed my multiple retinal tears and bleeding. He performed surgery the very next day which was successful. By the time of the follow-up appointment in his office — early morning on a Sunday — almost all my vision was restored; I am since back to normal. Dr. Feistmann is a highly skillful and experienced diagnostician and surgeon who explained everything clearly and patiently. He immediately instilled confidence in me and my hard-to-please husband. Dr. Feistmann is also very personable and made us feel as if we were longtime patients whose care was his only concern. We recommend him without reservation! In addition, his office staff are professional, efficient, courteous and good-humored, coordinating patients and records with ease and care. Office manager Althea is especially excellent, and she is ably assisted by Jose, PJ and Cynthia. In a word, NYC Retina is eye-catchingly outstanding!