Retina Specialists

Late Sunday evening I was diagnosed with a detached retina and told to find a retina surgeon asap. New to NY, I called NYC Retina at 7 am and they were open and took me in immediately. I was losing my eyesight and very scared. The office was very professional, and everyone was very kind. Dr. Shulman saw me and explained the entire procedure, none of which I remember because I was freaked out. But Dr Shulman was very knowledgeable and her confidence was reassuring which was more important at the time. My daughter took diligent notes on everything Dr Schulman said, and upon reading them later, I was even more relieved and educated on this very serious condition. Dr Shulman covered every question I had, she was thorough, thoughtful and has excellent ‘bed-side manner.’ Dr Shulman performed the procedure (injecting gas bubbles into my eyeball). She talked me through every step of the procedure (yes I was numb but conscious for this type of procedure), as to what is happening and what to expect (for instance you go blind momentarially). I was well informed before, during and after and well cared for by Dr Shulman. The procedure was successful. My eyesight was restored. I returned many times for post operative follow up, and was treated immediately, and professionally… I also saw Dr Feistmann for follow-ups and he was very patient and thorough. He answered my repetitive questions and clearly outlined what to expect with the healing process. This office has modern equipment, was equipped and had the skilled professionals needed to perform outpatient eye surgery. Considering I was new to NY and only had my insurance to suggest ‘in network’ providers I truely lucked out in finding NYC Retina, they have the equipment, skill and expertise.