Retina Specialists

I had never had any type of surgery before noticing a blurry spot in my vision one day. After getting it checked out at a local ophthalmologist, I turned to Dr. Feistmann to be my retina specialist based on his strong reviews. I was alarmed to learn that I had a detached retina and needed surgery ASAP, but Dr. Feistmann and his crew arranged surgery for me at NYE&E infirmary just hours later that day. I was naturally overwhelmed by the diagnosis, delicate nature of eye surgery, having to contact my family, employer and having to seek a second opinion in a pinch. But Dr. Feistmann arranged for me to see another reputable doctor in the same building as Mount Sinai before my surgery. The best part was that Dr. Feistmann was extremely understanding and composed in not only dealing with a concerned patient and his wife but also perfectly executing a complicated surgery amidst his already busy schedule. His staff was extremely diligent in setting up all the logistics with little notice. Dr. Feistmann makes it a point to communicate with his patients via cell phone (call or text) and also welcomed our general feedback in a later appointment. He was extremely responsive and established a level of trust with me before delivering a perfect surgery in a high-stakes situation. I am recovering extremely well more than one week following my surgery and give Dr. Feistmann my highest recommendation.