Retina Specialists

Dr. Feistman [and] Dr. Shulman… are such caring, patient, and kind people. At the age of 15 i was battling with a rare and serious case, and was at risk of losing my sight in the right eye. Dr. Feistman and Dr. Shulman were quick to discover the problem and make a solution. Dr. Feistman… performed multiple amazing procedures and treatment. They took time out of their busy schedule to watch out for any disasters, scheduling appointments each day to see if I’m alright, even calling my home (sometimes late at night) to check if I am ok. I show a lot of gratitude and grace towards them. If it wasn’t for them, I would have lost my sight at only 15 years old. Now at the age of 16 I am able to see well again, thanks to Dr. Feistman [and] Dr. Shulman… (and their beautiful staff). I recommend them to all.