Retina Specialists

As a 60-year-old graphic designer, who has never experienced eye problems, I was very concerned about seeing a web-like floater over my left eye. In a very thorough exam, Dr. Feistman and his team discovered a tiny tear in the retina that could have been very serious, very soon, had it not been picked up on. He also explained clearly what had recently developed and, with digital photos, showed me how he would repair the the tear in order to prevent a detached retina.

With a daughter in Medical school, and especially during this phase of the Covid pandemic, my expectations are very high for a doctor’s office being safely managed. NYC Retina exceeded all expectations for attentive care and a safe environment. Not only did Dr. Feistman repair the torn Retina with precision and ease, he was kind, focused and delivered excellent care quickly.

This intervention very likely prevented a loss of vision in my left eye. As a professional visual artist who relies on clear vision, this superior treatment was a huge gift.