Retina Specialists

I can’t recommend this practice, and Dr. Jonathan Feistmann, highly enough. I am a middle-aged guy who had trouble with the retina in my right eye. I was seeing wavy lines, which was really disturbing. After being referred to Dr. Feistmann by my optometrist, he and his incredibly professional staff conducted a battery of tests with state of the art equipment, allowing Dr. Feistmann to make a diagnosis and treat the condition with a shot in the eye, which cleared things up almost overnight. (Dr. Feistmann prepared the eye so carefully for the shot that I didn’t even know it was happening. After he had finished the injection, I asked him when he was going to give me the injection). After the treatment, Dr. Feistmann could not have been more attentive and kind, following up with text messages and making sure that I was in good shape. In short, five stars for Dr. Feistmann and his team.