Retina Specialists

The team at NYC Retina is amazing. A few weeks ago, while working from home, I noticed a black spot in the inner corner of my left eye. After contacting my regular eye doctor, I was told to get to his office ASAP, which I did. After a few scans, my eye doctor informed me that I had a detached retina and would need surgery ASAP and called NYC Retina, which was just a few short blocks away on Queens Blvd. I arrived at NYC Retina at about 4PM, when many similar medical offices are normally winding down for the day and the team was waiting for me. They comforted and reassured me that I was in good hands (thank you Joel). I met with Dr. Feistmann, who walked me through my situation and performed the reattachment surgery on the spot since the office has surgical capabilities and I did not need to go to the hospital, which is a big plus given the late time of day and my COVID safety concerns. Dr. Feistmann was also able to perform the surgery with local anesthesia, which meant that there was virtually no recovery time required. The surgical assistants were kind, comforting, caring and very professional. I believe that they all stayed late to care for me since I left the office at about 7PM that evening. I have also had several follow-up visits since the surgery, which were all very pleasant as well. In my opinion the entire NYC Retina team are the best and I therefore highly recommend NYC Retina.