Retina Specialists

I had arrived at Dr. Feistmann’s office with the highest referral from an Ophthalmologist associate of his and it was the best referral I had ever received!! I arrived with ZERO vision in my left eye; a complication after a cataract/lens implant procedure 3 days earlier. This complication was a dangerous infectious MRSA bacteria that had developed after my cataract surgery… My eye was thoroughly examined and it was determined after… Dr. Feistmann had discussed my case; the best course of action to attempt to save my vision was emergency surgery at NY Eye and Ear Hospital in NYC where Dr. Feistmann, this highly skilled & totally amazing surgeon was ready and waiting my arrival! Dr. Feistmann performed a miracle that evening.. My vision had been restored within a few days after surgery..I was totally blessed to have been under this AMAZING surgeon’s care that unforgettable night!! Thank you again to Dr. Feistmann and his team of amazing Doctors at NYC Retina… who all contributed that night and the weeks following for their outstanding followup care!!