Retina Specialists

At 54 years old, I lost vision in my right eye due to something called CRVO – this was a game changer, to say the least. I feared driving again, playing all the sports that I loved and all things that relied on depth perception and 3-D sight. Dr. Feistmann saved my soul. 100%. He gave me hope and confidence that I can and will be able to do anything and everything that I used to. He listened intently to my fears, and alongside exceptional medical care, he provided me comfort, compassion and many reasons to believe that I was absolutely going to adjust and be better than ok. Dr. Feistmann is more than an exceptional and special doctor – he is an exceptional and special human. Additionally, the staff at NYC Retina are extremely kind, attentive and real. They are all incredibly helpful and have successfully created a feel good vibe in the office. I have never written a review before, but this one felt imperative as I think it would be tough to find a doctor and an office with as much heart and soul as NYC Retina. Mad respect all the way around!