Retina Specialists

I awoke one morning with a large floater that was painless and did not affect my vision. I am a physician and since we do make the worst patients, true to form, I ignored it. One week later when it was still there, I happened to be picking up new glasses and I mentioned it to my optometrist who had a new imaging instrument. Imaging was done and I was told I had to see an ophthalmologist ASAP. Dr. Feistmann was recommended. I wasn’t able to reach his office that evening but when I called early the next morning, he fit me in that morning. He diagnosed me with a vitreal/retinal tear that had a high likelihood of a complete retinal detachment. He calmly and patiently discussed my options and went through what he thought was best. I decided to have a surgical repair. Throughout the time of diagnosis and surgery, Dr. Feistmann kept a close eye on my progression and stayed in touch with me. He reassured me that he was readily available if any of my symptoms worsened. There was never any issue with scheduling and his staff is wonderful. The actual surgery was successful and went incredibly smoothly. I truly felt secure and safe and that I was in great hands. My preop nurse at NYU also commented on what a great doctor I have. I am truly grateful to Dr. Feistmann for his knowledge, kindness, speedy diagnosis and expert surgical care. I am now fully recovered, my eye looks and feels completely normal and I feel great! You will not find a better ophthalmologist than Dr. Feistmann!