Retina Specialists

Dr. Feistmann is an extraordinary medical professional. He is a skillful diagnostician and a confident and competent surgeon. While these qualities alone would make him a terrific choice to handle a significant retina problem, what sets Dr. Feistmann apart is his unparalleled and truly unbelievable responsiveness and availability. I had a retinal tear that turned into a detachment. This was an objectively terrifying experience, as I was in actual danger of losing my vision. But I wasn’t terrified because I trusted my doctor and could text him with questions, concerns, and worries, no matter the time or day of the week. Have you ever had a doctor you could text on a Sunday evening? Having this level of communication with your doctor completely transforms the experience of going through a scary medical situation. My surgery was easy and successful and I have had no complications since. I am supremely grateful to Dr. Feistmann.