Retina Specialists

I was recommended to this location by a friend of mine who had recently received eye surgery because she was at risk for retinal detachment. As a relatively young patient, I could see how the fear of losing her sight, compounded by additional medical-related issues, had begun to weigh on her. However, despite these trying times, she would constantly tell me about how exceptional the staff and the doctors at this location were. The staff was extremely friendly and caring, allowing her a rare and vital space of comfort. Her doctor took it a step further in soothing her fears, explaining the procedures and risks thoroughly and simply, reassuring her that she had picked the best hands to confide her future in. A few weeks later, I myself got to witness this location first hand. After an embarrassing and worrisome incident involving bleach, I reached out to this location in hopes of scheduling an emergency visit to ensure my own sight’s longevity. Not only were they able to accommodate me the same day, but I also felt the warmth and compassion that my friend had been telling me about for weeks.

To Dr. Fiestmann (the doctor who helped me)… and the rest of the staff at this location, (Althea, Jose, and everyone else who made my friend and I’s visit so smooth and memorable) thank you for your expertise, your professionalism, and your compassion.