Retina Specialists

Although I am not an expert in writing reviews, I have the need in me to say this. When I walked to Dr. Feistmann’s office, without any previous appointment, I was really worried about the condition in my eye ( I was seeing floaters and needed a laser procedure to fix it). Everybody who took care of me before seeing the doctor (and then the doctor himself) were so kind and patient, explained everything to me, even told me a funny story or two, so I could relax before the laser. It was like a heaven sent blessing. To choose the perfect doctor for my personality type (anxious and scared). I felt that my vision got better the minute after the procedure. A week later, I had questions and doubts so I came back to the doctor (at the Manhattan location this time) and he treated me (no charge) with the same kindness and patience. The only way I can show my gratitude is by writing this heart felt review. Thank you doctor and staff. I wish you an abundant life so you keep helping others.